About Us

Over the last year Millennium foam has been quietly working at producing a high
quality polyurethane surfboard blank. With deep experience in foam and urethane
manufacturing, we have developed a product that is strong, light, and very white. The feedback we receive is that the foam does not “resist” the shaping tools. The cell structure is tight, yet not so dense as to be difficult to shape. The strength of the foam carries to the rails, alleviating a common blank problem of soft foam at the rails.

Densities Available

  • Red- HyperLight
  • Yellow- UltraLight
  • Blue- Standard
  • Black- Classic

Our blank selection, as represented in our catalog, is well rounded and can
accommodate most shaping needs. Particularly for shapers that rely extensively on shaping machines.
We have a full selection of wood and the skill to build any stringer configuration. We have also instituted a full CNC stringer cutting system. This allows for ultimate precision and the flexibility to take a board file and drop the required deck line directly on to our blank file.

Wood Selection:

  • Solid Bass
  • 1/8 Bass Ply
  • 1/8 Bass Ply; Colored
  • 4mm Poplar Ply
  • Cedar
  • Spruce
  • High Density Colored Foam

Although a quality blank is paramount, another segment we have been fine tuning is our logistics. To improve in that segment we have increased our stocking of popular blanks.
With our centrally located factory in Los Angeles, we have maintained regular weekly deliveries to Southern California and Ventura and surroundings. We deliver to Northern California once a month. It is our experience that timely and consistent deliveries can do much to boost the productivity of our clients.

We hope to have a opportunity to provide you with a quality product in the future.

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